Olympic Casino Club Rewards card is a personal card (hereinafter referred to as the Club Rewards card) issued to a private individual by Sia Olympic Casino Latvia, whose address is Kronvalda bulvāris 3, Riga, reg. No 40003264397 ('Olympic Casino'), which enables the user to earn Bonus Points (hereinafter referred to as Bonus Points) during playing and to receive additional benefits.

Club Rewards card is valid for all Latvian Olympic Casinos.

Information about club rewards levels and current benefits is available on the https://olympic-casino.lv/lv/olympic-casino-kartes-noteikumi website.


To receive a Club Rewards card, a person must fill in a relevant application. If the Club Rewards card is issued on the basis of a signed application, a contract is deemed to be concluded.

Club Rewards card is the property of Olympic Casino and its usage rights are granted to the Club Rewards card user (hereinafter referred to as the cardholder).

In order to benefit from the Club Rewards card user, the card must be presented together with the order.

The Club Rewards card is a personal card and may not be transferred for use to other persons. The employee may request the presentation of the cardholder's identity document for identification purposes. Olympic Casino has the right to cancel and confiscate the Club Rewards card if the Terms of Use are not followed.

If the Club Rewards card is lost or stolen, you should immediately inform Olympic Casino by calling +371 67828777. In this case, the lost or stolen Club Rewards card is cancelled.

To receive a new Club Rewards card, the user must contact any Olympic Casino.

Olympic Casino shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user in connection with the

lost or stolen card at Club Rewards or with a card that is no longer at the user's disposal.

Olympic Casino reserves the right not to issue the card to the Club Rewards customer without providing a justification for such a decision.

The User may apply for cancellation of the Club Rewards card at any time by submitting a relevant written application to Olympic Casino.

Olympic Casino has the right to cancel the Club Rewards card and/or any points earned if:

the user has not used the Club Rewards card for 12 consecutive months (unless otherwise agreed);

The Club Rewards card is used in contravention of these terms;

the user has violated the Gambling Act, the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing, these Regulations, olympic casino's gaming and internal rules or other regulations imposed by Olympic Casino.

Olympic Casino shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user in connection with the closure of the Club Rewards card if and to the extent that such waiver of liability is not permitted by applicable law.


To earn Rewards points, the Club Rewards card must be placed in the slot card reader or presented to the casino employee before the game starts at the gaming table.

The number of Rewards rewards earned will be calculated based on the bets placed during the game and the duration of the game.

Accumulated Rewards points can be used to continue the game at any Olympic Casino. Rewards points exchange value is 100 bonus points = 1 euro.

The minimum rewards score that can be exchanged is 100 points.

Olympic Casino reserves the right to review rewards points records on the map in case of system error, any other errors or fraud.

Information about the balance of user Rewards points and "level points" (see below) can be obtained from olympic casino's website in the "My Club Rewards" section, as well as at all Olympic Casino.

Rewards points are valid for 12 months from the last time you use Club Rewards.

Rewards points are awarded to the user and cannot be donated, sold or transferred to others.



Level points determine the status level that the customer can achieve using the Club Rewards card.

The Club Rewards program has 5 status levels (starting with the lowest level):







If the user does not meet the requirements necessary for a certain level of club rewards card, Olympic Casino has the right to determine the level and related benefits of the card that can be applied to the user in accordance with the requirements of the level that the user has fulfilled. Olympic Casino has the right not to cancel the previously issued (higher level) club rewards card to the user, but in this case the user is provided with the advantages of the level of the requirements of which he has fulfilled.


Gold and Diamond status levels are not updated automatically. For users who have earned the number of level points required for gold or Diamond levels, the status is increased manually and at Olympic Casino's discretion. Olympic Casino reserves the right to increase the status of any user based solely on casino discretion.


Level points determine only the status level of the user. They cannot be used to continue the game.




Level points are deserved and calculated in the same way as Rewards points using the Club Rewards card. Please note that only Rewards points can be earned when making sports bets. This means that level points are not deserved when making sports bets.


Level points are deserved as follows:

SLOTS: bet 4€ = 1 point

ELECTRONIC ROULETTE: rate 8€ = 1 point


Roulette: bet 8€ = 1 point

Russian poker: bet 10€ = 1 point

Blackjack: bet 20€ = 1 point

SPORTS BETS: bet 2€ = 1 point

CASH GAME: every hour at the table = 50 points


Example: Playing slots (slot machines) with a bet of 0.35€ per spin in 1 hour (about 600 spins) will earn you about 53 points. Earning 500 level points will automatically increase your status to bronze level.


Below is the required number of points that must be earned within 6 months to maintain or raise the existing status level:

BONUS: from 0 to 500 points

BRONZE: from 501 to 5000 points

SILVER: from 5001 to 50000 points

GOLD: 50001+ points

DIAMOND: only upon invitation


Gold status is not assigned automatically. Candidates shall be approved by Olympic Casino management before the status is promoted.

To maintain Diamond's level, the customer must earn 50,000 points within six months. If this condition is not met, Olympic Casino reserves the right to lower the status level.



Olympic Casino has the right to amend the current terms of use of the Club Rewards card by notifying users at least 1 (one) month in advance via the Olympic Casino website

https://olympic-casino.lv/lv/olympic-casino-kartes-noteikumi. The User has the right to cancel the Club Rewards card by submitting a relevant application if the user does not agree to the amendments to the terms. If the user does not submit an application for cancellation of the Club Rewards card by the time when the amendments to the terms and conditions come into force, it shall be considered that he/she agrees to the amendments.

The laws of the Republic of Latvia apply to these Olympic Casino Club Rewards Terms of Use. All disputes arising from these Club Rewards Terms of Use shall be settled by negotiation; if a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the dispute shall be referred to the relevant court of the Republic of Latvia for examination.


The responsible personal data processor is Olympic Casino Latvia SIA (Kronvalda bulvāris 3, Riga; latvia@oc.eu). The company's data protection officer is Aleksandrs Maslo(+371 67892975, Kronvalda bulvāris 3, Riga; latvia@oc.eu).

Olympic Casino processes personal information in order to perform a contract with Club Rewards card users.

Personal information obtained about the subject during the club rewards application process is necessary for the operation of the card. Olympic Casino cannot issue a club card if the user does not provide the information necessary to apply for the Club Rewards card. If Olympic Casino is unable to process personal information related to the use of the Club Rewards card, it will not be possible to calculate the User's Bonus Points and determine the level of the Club Rewards card.

If the user has allowed the use of their personal information, Olympic Casino will have the right to use the user's contact information for the direct marketing of its products or services. The User has the right to refuse the use of personal information at any time.

Olympic Casino has the right to provide information about users and the use of Club Rewards cards to other Olympic Casino affiliates.

Categories of recipients of personal information: exchange workers, casino manager, customer relations manager, Marketing department employees, Security and Supervision employees, system administrator.

Club Rewards card users' personal information may not be distributed outside the EU/EEA.

The club card levels and the associated benefits are calculated on the basis of the criteria set by Olympic Casino.

Personal information related to the club card is stored for five years after the last use of the club card.

The user has the right to request access to his or her personal data, the rectification or deletion of personal data, as well as the restriction of his or her data processing, to object to the processing of personal data and to the right to transfer personal information. In order to exercise their rights, we ask the user to contact the casino staff or send an electronically signed application to the email address latvia@oc.eu.

The User has the right to submit a complaint in relation to the processing of his/her personal information to the Latvian Data Protection Inspectorate by sending an electronically signed application to the e-mail address info@dvi.gov.lv or by visiting the address Blaumaņa street 11/13-15, Riga.

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